Guitar Lesson Rates & Policies

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My guitar lesson rates are given below along with my policies. Please make yourself aware of my policies so there’s no misunderstanding in how lessons are conducted. Also make sure to check my available lesson slots here on my website.

If you don’t see an available time slot on a particular time/day you desire to take lessons, you’ll want to subscribe to my mailing list, so that you can be notified by email whenever new lesson slots open up.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for lessons, you may contact me directly by email ( or call/text me at 678-233-7728.

Lesson Formats & Rates

​I teach private, one-on-one guitar lessons at my Home Studio location in McDonough, GA.

Lessons for Children: I do teach children but no younger than 11 years old. If you have a young child younger than 11, contact me and I can refer a teacher who will teach younger kids.

I no longer offer online lessons now that in-person lessons are fully open.

Details are explained below…

Lessons at my Home Studio in McDonough

129 Vintage Trail, McDonough, GA 30253 

My Lesson Days at this location are Monday thru Friday evenings and all day Saturdays. 

Lessons at my McDonough Home Studio are a month-to-month commitment. The lesson tuition is $80 per month for 4 weeks/4 lessons or $100 when there’s 5 weeks/5 lessons, based on $20 each weekly 1/2 hr. session. Lessons are paid by cash only. This is a fixed lesson tuition rate which reserves your time slot for the month, regardless if lessons are missed (planned or unplanned). This works much the same as paying for a college class or a sports activity. Lessons are pro-rated when a new student starts lessons in the middle of the month. I offer make up lessons if I’m notified of a missed lesson at least 24-hours in advance.

Lesson Payment Due Date: Lesson payments are due on the last week of the month for the following month, at the very latest by the 1st lesson/week of the month. 

Please Note: If lessons are not paid up by the 1st week’s lesson, I reserve the right to refuse to teach the lesson when the student shows up for their 2nd lesson in the month if no payment is yet made. The time slot will not be reserved for the month without payment and will be made available to be sold to another student.

Holidays, Cancelled, & Missed Lessons

Holidays: There are no lessons during holidays. Lessons that fall on a Holiday (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, & New Year’s Day) are not charged.

Teacher-Cancelled Lessons: If I cancel lessons due to sickness, emergency or conflicting event, I will schedule a make-up for the student or credit the money if it can’t be worked out in that month or the month following the lesson.

School Breaks (Fall Break, Winter Break, etc.): I teach during the county school breaks since I am running a private business. Only a percentage of my students are in school, many of my students are adults. If you are planning on going out of town for a school break, please let me know so that we can plan for that opening and work out a make up lesson.

Missed or Cancelled Lessons: If a student needs to cancel a lesson, I’ll work to give make up lessons for those missed sessions, if there is an available opening. I require at least 24-hours advanced notice if a lesson will be missed. That gives me enough time to schedule another student to use the missed slot for a make-up. I can’t guarantee that everyone will get a make-up lesson in the same month since it will depend on available slots, but I’ll do my best. Make-up lessons will not be given without sufficient advanced notice (i.e. cancelling just prior to the lesson is not sufficient notice).

If a lesson needs to be missed because of illness, please give me the courtesy of contacting me prior to the lesson as early as possible. In some instances, I’ll offer a make-up lesson. If the student is a no show without any notice of the missed lesson, I still have to charge for that time. I do not offer make up lessons if there is a no show for a lesson. Much can be worked out if I get some notice of the missed lesson.

Missed Make-up Lessons: If a make-up lesson is missed without sufficient advanced notice (24 hours in advance) so I have the opportunity to schedule someone else for a make-up in that slot, then the make-up is lost. Missing scheduled make-up lessons without advanced notice & expecting another one, is not fair to other students who are waiting for an open slot to do a make-up lesson. If you feel you’ll have a schedule conflict with a make-up lesson, please give me the courtesy of advanced notice and I’ll be more than happy to re-schedule another time that would be more convenient to your schedule.

Avoiding losing Your Lesson Slot: Please note that I do reserve the right to drop the student without notice and give the slot away without a refund, even though they may have paid for the lessons. The following 3 reasons explain how a slot can be lost and how you can avoid this:

  • Multiple No-Shows: When a student misses 2 or more lessons without notifying me of the missed lessons, I will drop them from the schedule even though they have paid lessons left in the month. I justify this because in my mind, I’ve been left with the impression that the student dropped the class & will not return.
  • No-Show on the first lesson of the month: When a student is a no-show on the 1st lesson of the month without prior notification when the month’s tuition is due, the student is dropped and the lessons are given to someone else. Payment is due on the last lesson of the month (for the following month) and no later then the first lesson of the month.
  • Non-Payment of Lessons: When a student does not pay for the lesson by the 1st lesson and at the 2nd lesson still has no payment, the student will be dropped at the 2nd lesson.

Please extend to me the courtesy of a call, email, or text message in advanced to let me know if a lesson will be missed. Lessons cancelled with last minute notification are not given make-ups, so advanced notification is much appreciated.

If a student is planning to drop from lessons, I ask to be notified ahead of time so I have time to notify the people on my waiting list to fill the slot.

Contact me to get scheduled at the McDonough location (678-233-7728 ) or email me at


If you still have questions, please contact me at 678-233-7728 or feel free to E-mail Me at with your questions, I do respond .

Thanks for your interest…Let’s get you started on playing guitar! Call today. 

I look forward to hearing from you.



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