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Of course there’s nothing better than taking private lessons from a teacher, but for some folks, the cost of lessons or working it into a busy or irregular schedule isn’t easy. In this case, online lessons would be a great alternative. This is also a good alternative if you’re waiting for a lesson opening in my schedule.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a great resources containing top-notch, easy-to-learn guitar lessons from accomplished teachers through structured online lessons available for every level of guitar student: Jamplay

Online Video Guitar Lessons from JamPlay

onlinelessonsJamplay is your best bet among all the web-based guitar lesson programs. Since its launch in February 2007, it has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular guitar lesson websites available. It’s jam-packed with a huge collection of more than 430 hours of excellent lesson guides, and still counting. Every week, even more instructional materials are added to Jamplay’s site.

One of Jamplay’s strengths is that it has around 30 different guitar instructors who specialize in specific techniques and playing styles. Compared with programs that offer only one instructor throughout the entire module, Jamplay provides more variety, fun, and versatility. As a learner, you will be exposed to several different techniques and genres, such as acoustic, jazz, rock and blues. With Jamplay, students are not limited to only one style of playing; it offers a broad range of styles as well as relevant, informative input from a panel of many different experts.

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