Guitar Repairs Done by the Best!

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If you’ve ever owned a guitar and experienced the sinking feeling in the pit of your gut after your prized instrument sustained damage due to an unfortunate accident then you’ll want to contact BluesBoundGuitars, a full service guitar repair shop with locations in McDonough and also in Hampton.

Crazy things can happen to a guitar or bass guitar that can cause your heart to skip a beat. I’ve personally experienced some of those things or watched them happen to other guitar players. Things like a guitar falling off of a guitar stand because it wasn’t sitting stable in the stand. Or like the guitar strap slipping off the strap button while playing a gig and seeing your instrument falling to the floor and the neck snapping off. Anything can happen to an instrument. Even unseen things like the effects of humidity and temperature extremes or just the lack of periodic care can damage your guitar and render it unplayable. In any of these cases you’ll want to remember BluesBoundGuitars.

Robert Slaton and Jerry Lucas at BluesBoundGuitars have each done guitar work for me. I recently purchased a new PRS electric guitar, an overseas-made model. The guitar was well-built but needed a setup and some work done on it to make it play like a hot-rodded instrument. Robert did the work on this particular instrument and what he did made my guitar 10 times better than it was before. These guys do top-notch work and have years of experience in repairing guitars as well as building custom-made instruments.

I won’t trust my guitars to anyone else and I am referring all of my students to them for their repairs and setups. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who needs their instruments miraculously transformed to bring it to these guys!

Click Here for their FaceBook page. You can also call or text Robert Slaton at (678) 749-4033. Or email him at: Or click below for their website.

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