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Locations & Rates

I teach at 2 locations: my home studio in McDonough as well as Whole Note Music store in Stockbridge. Lessons are weekly, at the same time slot each week and are paid by the month to cover that month’s lessons. Rates differ depending on the location.

Home Studio in McDonough
129 Vintage Trail, McDonough, GA 30253  (Click Here for Directions)

Lesson Rates at this Location:

Lessons are a month-to-month commitment. The lesson tuition is $80 per month for 4 weeks/4 lessons or $100 when there’s 5 weeks/5 lessons. Based on $20 per the weekly 1/2 hr. session. This is a fixed lesson tuition rate which reserves your time slot for the month, regardless if lessons are missed (planned or unplanned). This works much the same as paying for a college class or a sports activity. Lessons are pro-rated when a new student starts lessons in the middle of the month.
Please click here to see my McDonough lesson policies regarding cancelled/missed lessons and other details.
Contact me to get scheduled at the McDonough location (678-233-7728 ) or reach me through my Contact Page.

Whole Note Music Store
1508 Hudson Bridge Road · Stockbridge, GA 30281

Lesson Rates at this Location:

Lessons are also given at Whole Note Music Store, http://www.wholenotemusicstore.com, located in the Walmart shopping plaza on Hudson Bridge Rd in Stockbridge.
The lesson tuition is $100 per month for 4 weeks/4 lessons or $125 when there’s 5 weeks/5 lessons. ($25 per the weekly 1/2 hr. session). The store has it’s own policies regarding lessons and handles all of the scheduling and transactions. To get a slot at Whole Note Music store, please call them directly at: Tel: 678-432-1400. 

Available Openings

My current available openings are posted  here at my website on my Schedule Openings Page, I update it regularly so that the available slots are current at the website. Please note that from August to May is my busiest time for lessons and my schedule gets packed solid. I get contacted by people every week interested in guitar lessons and as a result, I have accumulated a number of people on my waiting list. If you’re interested in lessons, I can’t guarantee that an opening you desire will still be available if you wait too long to secure it. It’s first-come, first-serve.


Please contact call me at 678-233-7728 or through my Contact Page with your questions, I do respond.
Thanks for your interest!

Let’s get you started on playing guitar!

Call today. I look forward to hearing from you.


About Jimmy Cruz

I'm a professional musician, music teacher, husband, Dad, & Grandpa. I'm impassioned with teaching & helping others discover the joy of playing music and creatively interacting with other musicians. I have 3 adult kids, 2 adult step-kids, & a grandson. I'm married to my beautiful wife, Cheryl. I enjoy time with friends,, family, concerts, sci-fi movies/books, being creative, writing/performing music, physical fitness and hanging out with my wife.