Guitar Lessons Over the Internet

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In addition to my in-person lessons, I give private guitar lessons over the internet to advanced students living in or outside of my area. Actually, anywhere in the world.

For 30+ years, I’ve taught one-on-one, face-to-face private guitar lessons, which is my preferred way to teach due to the personal interaction. With the latest in live-streaming and video-conferencing technology, we now have access to the whole world and conferencing capabilities at our fingertips. So now is a good time to step into using the systems that are available to connect with others across the miles and country borders.

Who Will Benefit from Online Lessons

My online lesson are best for students who have played for a few years and are considered advanced. Advanced players have a good knowledge of chords and the guitar fret board enough to play a number of songs with little difficulty. Online lessons are not offered to brand new beginners or intermediate players since it’s best to do those lessons in person.

Online Lesson Details:

  • Weekly 30-minute Lessons ($20 per lesson, paid by the month) Weekly lessons is the BEST way for any student who wants to progress steadily and quickly. You’ll have a set weekly time slot. This is a month-to-month commitment and is prepaid to reserve your spot for the month. My weekly online lessons are 30 minutes long at the same price as my in-person lessons. Available time slots are any of the weeknight slots posted at my website on the Lessons page. CLICK HERE to see my availability.
  • Lesson(s) must be prepaid through Cash App (No fee charge). You can request a lesson from 7 days to 24 hours in advance.

So How Does Internet Lessons Work?

Lessons will be given on any one of these 2 platforms (FREE to download and use):

You also need to need to have the following to participate in online lessons:

  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • PC or laptop with a webcam or…
  • iPad or similar device with camera capability
  • Smartphone 
  • Your own guitar for lessons and practice
  • Printer to print lesson material emailed to you.

Set Up

My internet lessons are scheduled based on my available lessons slots posted on Lessons website. We’ll be using Zoom as my first choice for lessons, which is free to use. If there are issues with it, we’ll use one of the other available formats.

Scheduling and Lesson Content

As with all of my lessons, I’ll need to assess your capabilities and know where you want to go. That way I can customize the lessons to your needs. When requesting online lessons, please email me to let me know your preferred time for your lessons, a brief idea of what you’ve learned and what you want to work on in the lesson; techniques, styles you like, theory, scales, chords…just as you would if we were to have a lesson in person. You can send me an email at

Lesson Payment

With my Weekly Guitar Lessons you’ll be prepaying for your lessons for the month via Cash APP once you receive confirmation from me of the specific time slot we agree upon. Payment is required to reserve the time spot that you’re requesting.

Online Lesson Preparation

I will make sure I understand what you want your lesson to concentrate on. Initially, I may need some clarification with questions back to you, just to make sure.

  • The written part of our lesson will be prepared and emailed to you ahead of time in a PDF file. We will go over the material on camera and the lesson is yours to keep.
  • Please have Zoom installed or whatever platform decided upon with functioning audio/video. You can run tests on your computer using the interfaces. Wide screen view is best and again, high-speed internet required.
  • Payment for the lesson month will need to be received prior to the first lesson for that month.
  • Please have a quiet well-lit comfortable area without background distractions for our lesson.
  • The written lesson will be emailed to you before our lesson time in standard notation or tablature. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (already available on most computers/laptops).

Contact me today about starting your Online Guitar Lessons!